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Buffalo News Article By Jeff Miers

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WOWD Interview: Meaningful Messages in Song


  “I’m really starting to listen closely to my music now, the words do actually tell me a lot of stuff about myself” …Tom K., Buffalo, NY

“ I always look forward to the songs presented & Nancy‘s analysis, it has me really thinking about what I need to do to make things better in my life”…Kim W., West Seneca, NY

“The choice of song selections are great & the takeaway thoughts are so helpful! , I keep saying them over and over to myself & I’m believing!”…Susan C., Hamburg, NY

“I love the mindful questions that Nancy puts on there. It forces me to take time for myself and think, answering those questions gives me hope for what I have to do to be better”…Dave S,. Lancaster, NY

  “I love the different themes for the songs, we’ve all been there, the thoughts and information she presents push you to take responsibility & be positive!”…Cathy Z., Springville, NY

 “I appreciate this new playlist of songs that’s there when I feel I need it . I think now I’ll be understanding myself more clearer by listening to these songs.”…Sandra N., Niagara Falls, NY