What To Expect With The Book

With this self-help/self-improvement book, you will have immediate access to my detailed content analyzing a specific song and focusing on a specific theme or topic.  With each chapter, I will be addressing those various themes that may impact your life, such as anxiety, fear, anger, relationship issues, self image, and a host of many other issues.  Listen to that song & let it’s inherent message become your “go to” helper when you need it.  With the interpretation and analysis of the song lyrics, I will provide you my input as to why I consider it a positive step to help you address that issue.  You will also be provided a concise, affirmative and empowering take away thought to remember that summarizes it all.

Something I want you to reflect on every day and make it part of your mindset going forward.  I have also assembled a set of mindful questions concerning that particular theme provided for you to ask yourself and answer candidly.  These essential questions and your honest responses will tie the learning together by means of your self discovery and understanding.  In addition, you will have access to my weekly suggestion of encouraged helpful reading about the power of music & song to add to your library of information! Also, three additional songs within that theme will be recommended by me  All in all, learning, healing, proactive, relaxing &, enjoyable!!  Many other helpful resources will be available for you throughout the book so I hope you enjoy every aspect!! Yes, music is indeed, life!  We all need this knowledge and self-discovery so I hope you take away a multitude of positives from this book!  Let the power of music and song set your mind and heart free to find what you are searching for as you learn, create balance, relax, and take the time to experience this special journey of meaningful music!! Nancy Grandits Sabatini, LMHC Song Therapeutics LLC

Heart and Soul of the Lyrics

Music and the Brain