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"Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield 

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Good Sunday Evening Songtherapeutics Friends!

If you ever need a quick uplifting shot of positivity & self esteem, this is definitely a song to listen to.  These days, life can be very tough and it becomes difficult to see any light at the end of the tunnel.  We all really need these diversions into the light providing us that ongoing hope, faith, and purpose, those essentials that keep us going.  This song is especially meaningful for those who may be just starting out on the life journey, or, those seeking a new direction to embark on.  The message is so empowering, you feel like you can tackle just about anything life throws your way after hearing it.  Bedingfield’s powerful singing and the gorgeous choral backup at the end definitely inspires with a joyously refrain yes, you can!!!

How many of us are plagued by periods of self-doubt and second guessing ourselves?  The road to truly believing in our abilities and potential can be a tricky one indeed.  Sometimes it simply comes down to the fact we just don’t know where to start, and it can become overwhelming.  What we want within our heart, what others want for us, suggestions, advice, warnings, the list can go on and on.  Sometimes we feel like we are pushed and pulled in a thousand different directions and we don’t know which way to turn.  Learning how to silence all the noisy distractions, trust and listen to your inner voice and your ability to make sound decisions that you feel are specifically right for you.  After all, who knows yourself better than you do!!

I find this song is also a mantra of support to those we know and care about, for who may be unsure, undecided and struggling.  Those words of encouragement are always eagerly accepted, valued and never forgotten.  It can make such a significant difference to those who may need it to stay on track.  And thus, we all want to give each other whatever we can to make the journey better.  Have you ever asked yourself, are a positive risk-taker? Are you ready and willing to take a chance, make a needed change, or embark on a new, different path in life? We need to let go of the past that can limit us, including those mistakes that everyone makes.  We need to reach out, try again, and embrace life in the process of becoming who we want to be.  I see this song as one of inspiration, challenge, happiness and enthusiasm.  On a personal basis, my extraordinary and giving mother taught my siblings and I to always believe and strive for the best you can be.  The way she lived her life and the amazing life lessons she provided to our family, are part of who we are today.  Even if you feel you are not ready, it gets you in the habit of regular helpful reflection and provides you food for thought.

Your personal book of life lies open before you in many aspects.  Its right before you as you create and fill in the empty pages with your unique story.  What will you write for yourself.  As you venture forward, give yourself an open opportunity to experience life fully, as best as you can.  Believe in yourself.  Be careful of “settling”, always give yourself that push to do better, aim for success,  strive for more, as long as you don’t overwhelm yourself in the process.  Life is truly a gift, and our time on earth is limited.  Lets make it a joyous, fulfilled one !

Takeaway Thought for the Week Ahead -

Takeaway positive thoughts empower you, give you strength, make you believe. Here is yours for the week. Say it, several times a day, every day, memorize it, write it down or put it in your phone. During the week, think about it, rely on it as you make it your own.

Every day can bring change within us. So, all we can ask of ourselves in life, is to try for the best we possibly can achieve.  Believe that it is yet to come!!

I cannot stress enough, the tremendous power of affirmative positive thinking in life. Positive self-talk and empowering beliefs over time can seriously help us change the way we think about ourselves. Like the well known term, “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”, if we come to believe and act on it, it can become part of who you are, and what you want to be.

With "Unwritten" available to be on your personal playlist, it will be ready when you want to listen to it’s significant message!! Use it going forward!

Mindfulness & The Music/Questions to Ask Yourself & Self-Reflect -

After listening to the song, take some time and give these questions some serious thought. Your answers here will reveal a great deal to you going forward. Use this opportunity for helpful self reflection…

Do you believe you have a healthy self esteem? If not, why?  Has it changed recently?

Do you routinely doubt the decisions that you make?  If so, when does that happen?

Since childhood, do you feel your family promoted a sense of positive self esteem within you?  If not, why not?

Do friends and other people in your world build up your sense of self esteem, rather than bring it down? If not, why do you think you give them that power over your own self awareness?

What feelings do you personally struggle with in term of your self esteem? Does that hold you back from becoming the person you truly want to be?

Do you regularly try to surround yourself with positive people who encourage and support you, as they bring out the best within themselves, and in particular, you?  

Do you routinely set aside time out of your daily schedule for self reflection concerning you life and who you are and want to be?

What are your some of the strengths you possess that you are of most proud of?  What do those strengths say about you? Think about them & acknowledge them whenever possible.  Most of all, believe what those strengths say about you.  You will become the unique, special person you believe you are. 

To increase your individual self esteem, name 3-5 areas you feel you need to work on going forward.  Why do you feel they are important to you?


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