Tiny Victories by Christina Perri

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"Tiny Victories" by Christina Perri 

Song Therapeutics Analysis-

This is such a great song to enhance one’s self-esteem and empowerment.  I consider it an excellent mantra to have on hand when those periods of doubt unfortunately set in and we need a quick dose of positive reinforcement.   Perri describes so many of those emotional struggles we may wrestle with believing in ourselves.  Looking in the mirror and not liking what we see in the reflection.  Times when we simply want to become invisible and hide ourselves away from everyone and everything.  Having a sense of feeling broken and not knowing quite how to put ourselves back together again.  Days when we just give up on ourselves and forfeit even trying to make it better.  When self confidence is literally hanging on by a string and we’re anxious and unsure what to do next.

If we re aware and truly honest with ourselves, I think we can all identify with these feelings of vulnerability and have times in our life when we have faced these dilemmas head on.  Perri goes to the heart of the matter, lets us into her world through these beautiful lyrics which provide hope and a sense of light at the end of the tunnel.  She refers to these issues as battles for self worth.  Perri achieves what she labels, tiny victories, when she faces these issues directly and does the needed work to overcome them.  The victories are so welcome and so needed as they help promote her self esteem and empower her significantly.  This essential process is fluid and continual, it is never stationary.  We are human, we all have our good days and we have our bad days.

But there is an important message here that we should all remember.  When we have our bad days and times of struggle, we need to deal with them as soon as possible, evaluate them, plan, employ some type of change, and then work hard to make some improvement for us.  Those are truly the victories that are meaningful, that count, and make us believe in ourselves.  Never giving up, never giving in, but each and every day, trying to the very best of our ability and trusting in our instincts, our mind and our soul.  Again, the power is always within us, waiting, we just have to believe and make it happen.



Takeaway Thought for the Week Ahead -

Takeaway positive thoughts empower you, give you strength, make you believe. Here is yours for the week. Say it, several times a day, every day, memorize it, write it down or put it in your phone. During the week, think about it, rely on it as you make it your own.

When fears, apprehensions and doubts overwhelm you, you need to immediately stop the negative thinking.  Instead, take a deep, long breath along with some needed time to fully reassess the situation that lies before you.  You are strong, capable and fully able to figure out what you need to.  This power comes from deep within, tap into it and see what awesome reserves you find there to make it happen! 

I cannot stress enough, the tremendous power of affirmative positive thinking in life. Positive self-talk and empowering beliefs over time can seriously help us change the way we think about ourselves. Like the well known term, “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”, if we come to believe and act on it, it can become part of who you are, and what you want to be.

With "Tiny Victories by Christina Perri" available to be on your personal playlist, it will be ready when you want to listen to it’s significant message!! Use it going forward!

Mindfulness & The Music/Questions to Ask Yourself & Self-Reflect -

After listening to the song, take some time and give these questions some serious thought. Your answers here will reveal a great deal to you going forward. Use this opportunity for helpful self reflection…

Do you ever experience periods of self-doubt? How frequently?

Describe how you approach self-doubt and how you deal with it personally?

Do you struggle with fear?  If so, fear of ??

Do you allow your fears to immobilize you at times?  What can you do to embrace them head on?

Currently, how would you describe your self-esteem?  Do you need a change there?

What gets in the way of a healthy self esteem for you?  What can you do to personally make it better for yourself?

Are you thankful & optimistic for your own “tiny victories” however small they may be?  Why do they make a difference with remaining positive?





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