Change of Heart

Theme of the Week –

Change & Leaving A Dysfunctional Relationship Behind

Song of the Week –

“Change of Heart” by Tom Petty 

Song Therapeutics Analysis-

The late, great Tom Petty, personally, is one of my favorite musical artists of all time.  Two words, a master.  I view “Change of Heart” as a joy filled song and mantra of liberation and embracing change without fear or regret.  This song is one of empowerment where he takes a deep breath and exclaims to everyone with faith and enthusiasm that he is now ready to move on! Facing it head-on with a sense of better days, positivity and inner strength and the belief in oneself.  In this case, its being ready to move on from a limiting, dysfunctional relationship and leave it behind, finally, for good.

With our romantic relationships, we start out with eager, open hearts and really want them to succeed.  As we strive to make it happen, we are supposed to give it our all.  Unfortunately in love as in life, there are no firm guarantees that both partners will both put in the same level of effort, love, and committment.  That’s the painful part, the frustrating part, the part that we truly can’t control or regulate, no matter how much we want it.  Here is where the change concept comes into play.  Feelings change, situations change, circumstances change and not always for the good.  Sometimes we began to feel used, angry, abused, pushed to the limit, taken for granted, or abandoned.  A sense of growing anxiety, weariness and despair can often overtake us without us even realizing it.  Do we just settle and accept or instead look inward to discover what is really important to us.  With time and this growing self awareness, we may began to see negative qualities within our partner that we have never been willing, or ready to see, with eyes wide open.  Sometimes, the process can simply become too trying, too difficult, too draining to continue struggling.  We need to realize our whole outlook can benefit when we accept moving on and go forward with that genuine belief in ourselves.

Everyone is strong and capable of change for the better.  Yes, it can definitely be scary, unpredictable, time consuming, energy sapping, filled with work and ongoing adjustments.  But, bottomline, if we don’t look back and keep going, keep positive, and believe better days are ahead, it will continually be an uphill battle.  Most of all, we need to convince ourselves, we have the ability to do this successfully.  Oftentimes, that change is so desperately needed, it can frankly become a life saver.  So, embrace that fear.  The change we grow to fear is frequently the best thing that can ever happen to us.  All of us are entitled to seek and find true happiness, love, calmness, and contentment in our life relationships.  We deserve it all! We need to be brave and believe we can and will find what we are looking for.

Takeaway Thought for the Week Ahead -

Takeaway positive thoughts empower you, give you strength, make you believe. Here is yours for the week. Say it, several times a day, every day, memorize it, write it down or put it in your phone. During the week, think about it, rely on it as you make it your own.

“Face your fears, embrace change and believe in yourself.  You are strong and capable and you alone can make it happen.”

I cannot stress enough, the tremendous power of affirmative positive thinking in life. Positive self-talk and empowering beliefs over time can seriously help us change the way we think about ourselves. Like the well known term, “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”, if we come to believe and act on it, it can become part of who you are, and what you want to be.

With "Change of Heart" available to be on your personal playlist, it will be ready when you want to listen to it’s significant message!! Use it going forward!

Mindfulness & The Music/Questions to Ask Yourself & Self-Reflect -

After listening to the song, take some time and give these questions some serious thought. Your answers here will reveal a great deal to you going forward. Use this opportunity for helpful self reflection…

*How do you personally view the concept of change?*

*Are you presently facing any issue with a dysfunctional relationship in your life? Describe the reasons if and why you choose to stay in it.

*Do your thoughts about fear of change ever hold you back?

*If so, what are you afraid of?

*Can you take some time to become aware & examine the strengths you possess?

*Can you begin to identify 1 to 3 positive thoughts you could utilize to help you embrace change in your life.   Specifically, what do you need to get there?

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