I’ll See You in My Dreams

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'I'll See You In My Dreams" by Bruce Springsteen / Listen via the Spotify link here, or, any audio streaming source of your choice 

Song Therapeutics Analysis-

So many people have requested I feature a song about grief and loss either start of the new year.  Such an important theme that will eventually touch everyone in their life at one point or another.  A theme of universal need that we all share in this life.  On a personal level, for me, I experienced the devastating, life altering loss of my mother this past June.  I had been searching for a song that meant something meaningful to me concerning my grief and loss.  Something that i could identify and relate to, something that would be available when i was struggling and felt sad about missing her presence.  There are many lovely, helpful songs out there about the theme of grief and loss.  This one, in particular is giving me what I need and want right now, going forward, yet thinking about her loss.

I find this song is different because besides the reality of missing someone who will not be returning, it radiates that sense of genuine positivity and especially, love and hope.  Hearing the message in the song lyrics about life, death, and forever love, and the topic of loss appears less fearful and apprehensive to approach.  I walk away after listening to the words with a simple yet significant message.  The beauty of it centers on those things I have been searching for and I feel I have found.  Those thoughts that give me comfort, peace, and contentment, with accepting what is, what I realize I can’t change as I enter into this promising new year.  The core centers around that resounding, everlasting love for that person that never really leaves you and is always there, accessible to you in your memory bank when needed, deep within your heart and mind.

This song comes from Springsteen’s recent digital album, “A Letter to You”, which I actually consider, lyrically, the culmination, masterpiece of his career.  If you haven’t, please get this album for your playlist, it is simply exquisite, in the profound messages it provides the listener.  When I first listened to this song, I was struck by the comforting flow of the music, so pretty, so easy on the ears, something that seemed to come so naturally from Springsteen’s heart.  I feel his voice has never sounded better than in this album, & this song.  The sweetness of the last verse when he gently sings, “and I’ll see you in my dreams”, could bring a tear to anyone’s eye.  When I listen to the lyrics, I feel as though he was writing it directly to his wife Patty as a loving tribute to her and their successful long marriage.  Patty has been a guitarist in his E Street Band for many years.  I especially noticed within this song, a sense of overall contentment but specifically acceptance of his aging process and the reality of his golden years to come along gracefully as well as acknowledgement of the eventual loss of people he loves. Things that are not especially comfortable are addressed here.  I hear less of a sense of darkness and gloom but more of a positive, joyful remembrance coupled with that reality of personal loss.

Overall, for me, I see a sense of optimism, faith, and the joy of experiencing genuine love along with hope filled thoughts of reuniting with my loved one/s in the afterlife along with powerful, beautiful memories that will remain with me forever.  But regardless of your own personal thoughts and feelings concerning the subject of grief and loss, yes, in my opinion, we can all benefit from that belief that experiencing real love is indeed, something beautiful and eternal.


Takeaway Thought for the Week Ahead -

Takeaway positive thoughts empower you, give you strength, make you believe. Here is yours for the week. Say it, several times a day, every day, memorize it, write it down or put it in your phone. During the week, think about it, rely on it as you make it your own.

“When you say you truly loved someone in your life, in essence, when they depart from you, they will, always be with you.  Touching your life, they leave a significant imprint on you and you on them.  Thus, you are forever changed by that interaction.  You always learn and hopefully, as a result, take away something positive from them, that helps you grow as a person in meaningful ways.  You carry their everlasting spirit within, always part of  who you are, whether in your heart or in you mind, through beautiful memories that you will cherish and have forever.  Relax, close your eyes, take a quiet moment, think of them and remember… you will see them as clear as day.  Treasure those thoughts, keep them close by, and regularly reflect on the personally uplifting value of them.  So, believe and take comfort…in this regard, we never actually say goodbye to their spirit and meaning in our lives.”

I cannot stress enough, the tremendous power of affirmative positive thinking in life. Positive self-talk and empowering beliefs over time can seriously help us change the way we think about ourselves. Like the well known term, “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”, if we come to believe and act on it, it can become part of who you are, and what you want to be.

With "I’ll See You in My Dreams" available to be on your personal playlist, it will be ready when you want to listen to it’s significant message!! Use it going forward!

Mindfulness & The Music/Questions to Ask Yourself & Self-Reflect -

After listening to the song, take some time and give these questions some serious thought. Your answers here will reveal a great deal to you going forward. Use this opportunity for helpful self reflection…

How do you personally define the grief and loss process?

What are your personal thoughts and feelings regarding death?

How have you generally dealt with grief and loss that you have experienced in your life?

Has it immobilized you or caused difficulties for you in functioning?

If so, describe your struggles as best as you can.

Do you personally believe the statement, ‘the process of grieving has no time limits’? What are reactions to this statement?

For those people in your life you have lost through death or loss, how do you generally recover from their loss?  What positive actions do you take?

Do you believe in religion or a higher power regarding the topic of death/grief/loss?

What, if anything, do you feel you need to do, going forward, to deal more effectively with grief and loss in your life?



” There You’ll Be ” by Faith Hill

” Tears In Heaven” by Eric Clapton



Recommended Reading for the Week About Music & Song

“Songs of Loss and Healing and the Little Understood Connection between Music, Loss and Grief”, by Douglas MacGregor,, May 11, 2019.

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