Power of a Song

Song Therapeutics introduces you as the listener to the meaningful power of a song and it’s lyrics.  As the name therapeutic infers, the simple act of active listening to a song can truly become transformative and impact you emotionally.  In so many significant ways, it can affect your thoughts, your feelings, your outlook, your positivity, your hope!  That particular song, whatever it may be, whether it touches on your relationships, your self concept, your daily struggles, your losses, your joy, in essence, some aspect of your life journey,…it just makes sense.   In today’s fast moving, complicated world, a song can affect us like nothing else can.  We urgently need meaningful music & song so much now, in light of the significant stressors the pandemic has placed on us all.   The music, the melody, the words, and especially, the message behind those lyrics.  Let the music and the message speak to you on a highly personal level and help you as you learn to understand as well as navigate your emotional world!!


Exciting recent findings from the world of clinical brain based research backs this up!  The limbic brain regions (amygdala) are strongly affected by music & song.  It definitely confirms a strong brain based linkage between the two, enhancing one’s emotional/mental health as well as physical well being.  Music can indeed change the affective state of your brain and specifically enhance your positive emotions, mood, and outlook.  More detailed information will be covered on this remarkable linkage in my book. As a licensed professional experienced mental health therapist in private practice, as well as a consummate music lover, I often utilize lyrical songs to assist many of my clients within their individual therapy sessions.  It has proven to me to be a highly effective tool to reach them, and has made a substantial difference in my therapy connection process with them as we focus on issues they may be struggling with. 


For those who may be confused, may not understand what they might be feeling, or, be unable to put their thoughts & emotions into words, a familiar song can be their voice and can give them the clarity they may be looking for.  Listening to the words of a song, brings out, helps to identify and understand emotions, and thus, put them into words.  Especially beneficial when those feelings may become so intense or confusing to be able to self-identify in spoken words. That is where the lyrics of a song can work it’s magic.  Suddenly when you hear a certain song,  those feelings and thoughts can become so apparent, so identifiable, and suddenly you’re easily able to describe or put your thoughts and feelings into words.  Simply put, the lyrics may assist you in getting it right.  The lyrical messages can simpy help express, clarify, and uplift what’s in your mind and heart. In creating the concept of Song Therapeutics and my subsequent book, I thought, why not also offer this invaluable insight to those individuals who are not my clients, those who are not receiving ongoing counseling therapy, but everyone who listens and appreciates music and song in their life.  Could this make an impact, a  substantial difference and help them as well? The answer is a definite, resounding, yes!!  As a therapist, I strongly believe that everyone can benefit psychologically from the undeniable, powerful messages of music and song!  We just need to be made aware of it’s significance and know what to look for in the lyrical messages . 

Heart and Soul of the Lyrics

Music and the Brain