How Song Therapeutics Benefits You

The songs I will be focusing on in my upcoming book, “Song Therapeutics, Messages Behind the Lyrics: A Therapist”s Perspective”, have all spoken to me on an individual basis, not only as a working therapist, but as a person as well.   I have shared their meaningful messages with my clients, and now, I want to share them with you, as a listener, music fan and a reader.  These songs are all unique musical gifts to us from a host of talented, brilliant, recording artists and musical composers.  They can inform and educate us with our self awareness and emotional clarity, understanding and strengthening of relationships, as well as enhance our self esteem as we navigate the many life struggles we encounter everyday.

If you are not familiar with the songs detailed in the book, I highly encourage you to take the time to find and actively listen to them, and through quiet reflection, think about their meaning.  Consider adding these amazing songs to your personal music playlist, available for you whenever you need them.  These songs may provide you with a different perspective, a new way of looking at challenges you may face, and provide you ongoing encouragement for making change that you may seriously need to consider.   Again, the choice is yours, so be open to the process and learn from these songs.  And bottomline, every day, we all want to improve our lives any way we can. 

I want you to have these songs available for listening to empower you and help you work through any struggles you may encounter going forward.  The fact is, listening to a song in itself is certainly not a therapy session.  But, without any doubt, the message provided to listeners within song lyrics and its wide range of subsequent psychological benefits, can definitely be pro-active, therapeutic, positive, & healing.  It may make a remarkable difference in the process of making things better.   And isn’t that alone, attempting to make things better, so worth the time and effort?  In my therapy practice I have consistently seen this happen with my clients, they understand the message and it’s making a positive difference for them.  Let Song Therapeutics help you, as individuals who may not involved in therapy, discover the amazing power that song lyrics can provide you as you attempt to understand life situations, questions, or dilemmas you may encounter in your path.

Heart and Soul of the Lyrics

Music and the Brain