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Welcome to Songtherapeutics!  A place where everyone belongs.  A place where everyone can benefit.  A place, where the amazing power of  music & song, combined with meaningful lyrics & themes, can really help us feel better about our lives.  In the process, we also discover more about ourselves and what is truly important to us going forward.   I invite you to join me in this positive journey as we gain new perspectives, explore, and understand our thoughts, feelings and beliefs, dealing with a variety of struggles and life situations we face everyday.  This is made possible based on an assortment of great music and songs, from amazing recording artists, with some insightful messages for everyone!  You have the opportunity here to be pro-active,  develop the ability to empower yourself,  so please, take charge,  learn from these song lyrics, and enjoy the process!!!  Open up the latest Weekly Song Content & let’s do it together!!!  (Background music excerpt from “Salvo Apocalypto”, courtesy Dream Float Vol. 1)

Nancy Grandits Sabatini LMHC, Songtherapeutics LLC                                                                           

Welcome Message from Nancy

What is SONG THERAPEUTICS all about?

The Power of a Song-

Song Therapeutics introduces you to the meaningful power of a song and it’s lyrics.  As the name therapeutics infers, the simple act of active listening to a song can truly be transformative and impact you emotionally.  In so many significant ways, it can affect your thoughts, your feelings, your outlook, your positivity, your hope!  In that particular song, whether it touches on your relationships, your self concept, your daily struggles, your losses, your joy, in essence, your life journey,…it just makes sense.  In today’s fast moving, complicated world, a song can affect us like nothing else can.  The music, the melody, the words, and especially, the message behind those lyrics.  Let the music and the message speak to you on a personal level and help you as you learn!

Exciting recent findings from the world of clinical brain based research backs this up!  The limbic brain regions (amygdala) are strongly affected by music & song.  It definitely confirms a strong brain based linkage between the two, enhancing one’s emotional/mental health as well as physical well being.  

As a licensed professional mental health therapist in private practice, as well as a consummate music lover, I often utilize lyrical songs to assist many of my clients within their individual therapy sessions.  It has proven to me to be a highly effective tool to reach them, and has made a substantial difference in my therapy connection process with them, as we focus on issues they may be struggling with.  For those who may be confused, may not understand what they might be feeling, or, be unable to put their thoughts & emotions into words, a familiar song can be their voice and can give them the clarity they may be looking for.  Listening to the words of a song, brings out, helps to identify and understand emotions, and thus, put them into words.  Especially beneficial when those feelings may become so intense or confusing to be able to self-identify in spoken words. That is where the lyrics of a song can work it’s magic.  Suddenly when you hear a certain song,  those feelings and thoughts can become so apparent, so identifiable, and suddenly you’re able to describe or put your thoughts and feelings into words.  Simply put, the lyrics may assist you in getting it right.  The lyrical messages can help express, clarify, and uplift what’s in your mind and heart.

In creating the concept of Songtherapeutics.com, I thought, why not offer this to those individuals who are not clients, are not receiving counseling therapy, those who appreciate music through listening.  Could this make a difference and help them as well? The answer is a resounding yes!!,  I strongly believe that everyone can benefit greatly from the undeniable, powerful messages of music and song!

How Songtherapeutics Benefits You-

The songs I will be discussing on this website, have all spoken to me on an individual basis.  The content of songs here changes weekly, a new song selection, every Sunday night.   I have shared their messages with my clients, and now, I want to share them with you, as a listener and music fan.  These songs are all unique musical gifts to us from a host of talented, brilliant, recording artists and musical composers.  They can inform and educate us with our self awareness and emotional clarity, understanding and strengthening of relationships, as well as enhance our self esteem as we navigate the many life struggles we encounter everyday.   If you are not familiar with the songs here, I highly encourage you to take the time to actively listen, reflect and then consider adding these amazing songs to your personal playlist, available for when you need them.  These songs may provide you with a different perspective, a new way of looking at challenges you may face, and provide you ongoing encouragement for making change that you may need to consider.  The choice is yours, so be open to the process and learn from these songs.  And bottomline, every day, we all want to improve our lives’ any way we can.  I want you to have these songs available for listening to empower you and help you work through any struggles you may encounter going forward.  The fact is, listening to a song in itself is certainly not a therapy session.  But, without any doubt, the message provided to listeners within song lyrics and its wide range of subsequent psychological benefits, can definitely be pro-active, therapeutic, positive, & healing.  It may make a remarkable difference in the process of making things better.   And isn’t that alone, attempting to make things better, so worth the time and effort?  In my therapy practice I have consistently seen this happen with my clients, they understand the message and it’s making a positive difference for them.  Let Songtherapeutics help you, as individuals who may not involved in therapy, discover the amazing power that song lyrics can provide you as you attempt to understand life situations, questions, or dilemmas you may encounter in your path.

How Songtherapeutics Works-

With Songtherapeutics, available to you every Sunday night thoughout the month, you will have immediate access to my detailed content analyzing a specific song that changes weekly and focuses on a specific theme or topic.  Each week, I will be addressing those various themes that may impact your life, such as anxiety, fear, anger, relationship issues, self image, and a host of many other issues .  Let that song & its inherent message become your “go to” helper.  With my weekly interpretation and analysis of the song lyrics, I will provide you my input as to why I consider it a positive step to help you address that issue.  You will also be provided a concise but empowering take away thought to remember that summarizes it all.  A series of mindful questions concerning that particular theme will be provided for you to ask yourself candidly.   Lessons from the lyrics will also tie the learning together for you.  In addition, you will have access to my weekly suggestion of encouraged helpful reading about the power of music & song to add to your library of information & understanding!  All in all, learning, healing, proactive, relaxing &, enjoyable!! 

Yes, music is indeed, life!  We all need this knowledge and self-discovery so let’s begin the process for you!  Let the power of music and song set your mind and heart free to find what you are searching for!  I hope you join in every week on Songtherapeutics, as you learn, create balance, relax, and take the time to enjoy this special journey of meaningful music !!

Nancy Grandits Sabatini, LMHC Songtherapeutics

How to Subscribe to Song Therapeutics

To introduce you to the many benefits of Songtherapeutics, we are offering a free introductory trial during the month of October as a special welcome gift to you as we celebrate our start!! 

Songtherapeutics will then be available to you November 2nd, 2020 via subscription on a monthly or 3 month basis.  New content with new song titles & themes are featured every week on Sunday night available to you all week long but always readily accessible to you online on an regular basis as a subscriber.  

Please join us on this ongoing journey of fabulous music and enlightenment!  Get your playlists ready & enjoy the ride!!


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